Firecracker Burgers (serves 4-6)


Cajun spiced on the outside and exploding with flavor on the inside! You stuff the burgers with herbed cream cheese! (Ziploc - can be split)

Nutrition Info:

Cal 479, Fat(g) 40, Saturated Fat(g) 17, Trans Fat(g) 2, Cholesterol(mg) 137, Sodium(mg): 204, Carb(g): 1, Fiber(g): 0, Sugars(g) 1, Pro(g): 28

Ingredients: Ground beef, cream cheese, thyme, garlic, pepper, dill, parmesan cheese and Cajun spices.


Cooking Instructions:

Thaw burgers. Grill over hot BBQ for approximately 5 minutes each side. Or sauté in heavy skillet 5-7 minutes each side. Serve with all the condiments. Minimum internal temperature 160 degrees.


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Firecracker Burgers (serves 4-6)

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